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Dealing with issues of zoning and land use can present challenges that are difficult for individuals and businesses in southwestern Pennsylvania to handle. Any project can be complex to complete and any business owner or developer can benefit from guidance through the complexities of zoning law in the state.

At the law firm of Zebley Mehalov & White, P.C., we represent individuals, small businesses and land developers who are looking to build or expand on their properties. We understand zoning and land use issues that these companies may have to face and have the experience to provide the right answers for our clients. Our extensive legal and real estate knowledge allows us to help clients resolve their legal issues and meet their goals in a manner that is as efficient and effective as possible.

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Counties will have zoning boards, while some municipalities handle their own zoning through ordinances that are governed by a zoning board. When a municipality is not happy with what the county is doing, it will spend the money and use its own process.

If a homeowner or a business would like to build in an area that is not zoned for that, and there are adjoining landowners who would object to the proposed changes, special exceptions and variances must be received. Our firm has represented clients ranging from homeowners and families to small-business owners who wanted to build on to an existing building to coal companies that may disturb surrounding neighborhoods with their activity.

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