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Chapter 12 is a form of bankruptcy that is used by family farmers and farm-related businesses that need relief from significant amounts of debt. The process of Chapter 12 is more streamlined, less expensive and less complicated than a typical Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which most types of businesses would have to file. It is also more flexible and allows farmers with seasonal incomes to address their debts.

The Chapter 12 bankruptcy lawyers at Zebley Mehalov & White, P.C., can assist you and your family through the difficult process of applying for Chapter 12 bankruptcy. Given the complexity of bankruptcy laws, it is important to hire a skilled attorney who can answer your questions and help you file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We have offices located in Uniontown and Mon Valley, Pennsylvania, to assist our clients.

Providing Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Services For Farmers

Chapter 12 bankruptcy may be available for:

  • Family farms
  • Horse farms, dog kennels and animal raising
  • Logging or timber farms
  • Greenhouses or nurseries
  • Other farming operations

In order to be considered a “family” operation, 50 percent or more of the yearly income must derive from the farming.

One of the key pieces of Chapter 12 bankruptcy is its flexibility. It allows a payment plan that could be based on the harvest season. If a farmer is not making much money in the winter, he or she could choose an installment plan that fits with that production. We are one of the only law firms in southwestern Pennsylvania with the experience handling Chapter 12 bankruptcies, and unlike downtown Pittsburgh firms, we are local enough to provide the personal attention our clients need.

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